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More Information on Alabama Fishing License Renewals

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Posted: 8/18/2008

Deborah Duck

            Regarding renewing your Alabama Fishing License, I would like to thank Jeff Leep for pointing out a few things to me that I would like to pass along to you readers.  After trying to renew his license through the website that I had provided to you, the website would not allow him to purchase a license for next year until after August 31, 2008.  The people at Alabama Outdoors assured him they knew about the problem and explained to him there were no way to renew licenses until after August 31st.  Jeff pointed out to them that they might expect a flood of renewal requests during the first week of September and that kind of incoming volume can surely lock up a website.  Alabama Outdoors said they had no precautions in place to take care of that possibility.

            I was on the phone with the local probate office today asking what people were supposed to do since August 31, 2008 falls on Sunday this year and the following Monday, September 1, 2008 is Labor Day with all state and county offices closed.  I was told that you can renew your Alabama fishing licenses as of Wednesday August 27, 2008.  They also assured me that if you are caught fishing on Labor Day without a renewed license, you will be fined. Just wanted to let you know if you plan to fish over Labor Day weekend, be sure to get those licenses renewed!   You can do that by going by your local probate office.  There are also many stores that carry fishing tackle or bait that sell fishing licenses.  You can call 1-888-848-6887 and there is a $3.95 fee for purchasing by phone.  You can go online to and click on the Internet option which does charge you a 2% fee. Thanks again, Jeff, for your help on this!

            The cooler weather this past weekend sure brought the fishermen out of the woodworks.  A lot of Spotted Bass were caught, as well as Crappie and Catfish.  I sure hope to see you on the lake over the Labor Day weekend, with your renewed fishing license!

            You can contact me by email at with your latest best fishing story or any hints you would like to pass along.  I would also love to get photos of your biggest catches.  Together we'll fish Lake Martin bringing in those big catches and telling even bigger stories!  Good Fishing!  ><> 

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